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How to Choose a Metal roofer

When it comes to choosing a metal roofer, it’s important to do your research and make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you choose the right metal roofer for your needs


Choose a roofer with a proven track record of installing metal roofs. 

licensing and insurance

Make sure the roofer you choose is licensed and insured to protect yourself in case of any accidents or damage.

Get multiple quotes

Compare quotes from different metal roofers to ensure you’re getting a fair price for the job.


Find out what kind of warranties the roofer offers and what they cover.

Types Of Metal Roofing

Standing Seam

Standing seam is a type of metal roofing system that features raised seams running vertically along the length of the roof panels.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are roofing panels made from various types of metals, including aluminum, copper, and steel.

Metal Shake

Metal shake roofing is a roofing system that uses metal panels designed to replicate the look of traditional wooden shakes.

Stone Coated

Stone coated metal roofing is a type of roofing system that consists of steel panels coated with a layer of stone chips.

Metal Tile

Metal tile mimics the appearance of traditional roofing materials like clay or concrete tiles, offering the benefits of metal roofing.

Corrugated Panel

Corrugated panels are known for their distinctive wavy or ridged surface. They are commonly used in roofing due to their exceptional durability and versatility.

Type of Metals

Type of Coatings

PVDF (Kynar ®)